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Sales & Marketing Events

IPad Hire for Tradeshows or Product
Laptop Rental for Promotional Events
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IPad Hire for General Sessions
Laptop Hire for Regional Conferences
Accessories for IPads and Laptops
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Webcast Events & Meetings

IPad Hire for Webcast Meetings
Laptop Hire for Webcast Meetings
VR and AV Hire for Webcast Events
Webcast Events Specific Accessories

Attendee Engagement

IPad Hire for Maximum Attendee
Boosting Attendee Engagement
VR and AV Hire to Maximize Attendee

Employee Training Sessions

IPad Hire for Training Sessions
Hire Laptops for Employee Training Sessions
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Business Meetings

IPad Hire for Board Meetings
Laptop Hire for Annual Business Meetings
VR Hire and AV Rental for Business Meetings


The Tekk Group US – Making Technology Rentals Easier

Do you need high quality technology products rentals for your business meetings in any state or city of the US? The Tekk Group US is the most established service providers having served in many other parts of the world successfully including the UK and Europe. Our technology rentals cater to all business conferences, events and occasions in the United States providing business cheap solutions for their temporary usage requirements. Whether you need the latest iPad Hire, iPhone Hire and Android Smartphone Hire, MacBook Hire and Windows Laptops Hire or the advanced VR and AV Hire products, we will cater to all your needs efficiently and conveniently. Why purchase these expensive technology devices outright for your short-term usage requirements when you can rent them for much less with same advanced usage capabilities? The Tekk Group US offers customized technology devices that can be personalized with custom software applications and also hardware accessories to make your business meetings, conferences and events in any part of the US more interactive and functional. Whether you need secure stands, mounts or charging holders for your iPad Rentals, MacBook Rentals, iPhone Rentals or VR and AV rentals or you need those large LCD/LED displays synced perfectly with smaller devices showing your larger audiences just what they need to see, our technology rentals will provide you everything that you need.



Contact The Tekk Group | 702-851-8351

US Leading Technology Rental Company

The United States is one of the leading business markets in the world. Many world level business organizations have their operations in different cities of the country. Do you need quick, efficient and reliable technology rentals in any large or small city of the US? The Tekk Group US has widest selection of devices that never fails to cater to any diverse needs and requirements. We have a large number of devices from many different manufacturers that provide boosted functionality for business events in the United States. Call us now to book your free on-site installation appointment and find your devices installed ready for use right when and where you need. The Tekk Group US offers custom IPad Hire, Laptop Hire and other rental devices that can be personalized just according to your preferences. Our custom options include:

  • Custom software apps and programs preinstalled on your rental devices
  • Any product demos or launch software and presentation files preloaded and ready for use
  • Your venue Wi-Fi details added for instant convenient connection with the internet
  • Your business logo and background preloaded as wallpapers
  • Any required accessories like printed bags, pens, covers, cases provided on request
  • IPad, iPhone, laptop or any other stands, mounts, tabletop fixtures and charging equipment also available where required.

Apple’s iPad Hire, iPhone Hire and MacBook Hire Solutions

Apple Technology products are some of the most powerful and functional in the world. The Tekk Group US has the most extensive range of Apple Products that are available at affordable rental prices. Our range of Apple Technology Products includes:

  • IPad Hire – We offer all iPad Rental models including the latest iPad Pro Hire, regular iPad Rental, iPad Air Hire and also the perfectly sized iPad Mini Hire with all required custom software and hardware accessories

  • IPhone Hire – We have all iPhone Hire models including the greatest iPhone X Hire, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Rental, iPhone 6 Hire and also the older iPhone 5 Hire that can test any of your software and hardware as required

  • MacBook Hire – Apple’s MacBook in all models including the latest MacBook Pro Hire, MacBook Air Rental, regular MacBook Hire US and also any required specifications in terms of storage, processors and RAM are also available.

VR and AV Rentals

The Tekk Group also offers leading VR Hire and also AV Rental options. Virtual Reality (VR) is leading the way in terms of high tech product demonstrations and 3D mapping of certain environments. We offer cheap and convenient VR Hire products that can be setup for use with free on-site installation when required. Our high quality AV (Audio Video) devices can be connected and synced with any smaller devices display the required information, presentations and product demos for the bigger audiences perfectly.

Macbook rental

Windows Laptops and Android Devices Hire

The Tekk Group US is the most versatile technology rental service provide in the UK. We also have some of the latest Windows Laptops Rental options and Android Tablets and Smartphone Rentals as well. Our Laptop Hire services can be customized with custom accessories like projectors, large screen outputs, laptop bags, covers and any required software and applications preinstalled as well. Have your Laptop Hire products applied with your business logo wallpapers and also outer stickers that offer unique personalization and boosted performance at the same time. The wide range of Android Laptop Hire, Android Tablet Hire and also Android Smartphone Hire include:

  • Android Tablets – We offer leading and latest Android Tablet Rental options from brands including Google, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Huawei and Amazon
  • Android Smartphones – Our extensive range of Android Smartphone Rental includes all models from Samsung, Google, Motorola, HTC, OPPO, Huawei and/or LG
  • Windows Laptops – Functional and high tech Windows Laptop Hire services include all leading models from Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer and many more. Are you looking for the top quality functionality some of these laptops and Android devices offer? The Tekk Group US provides peace of mind with on-site installation and cheap rental options. Call us now to find out how we can save you cost and provide affordable Laptop Rental, and Android Devices Rental options.

Technology Rentals for Every Business Event

The Tekk Group specialized in making business meetings, events or occasions much more functional and interactive with our superior quality IT Devices Rental options. We cater to all business events in the UK, including: • IPad Hire, Tablet Rentals, Laptop Hire and VR or AV Hire for Conferences

  • IPad Hire, Tablet Rentals, Laptop Hire and VR or AV Hire for Grand Openings
  • IT Rentals Sales PresentationsTablet Hire Product Launch Events
  • IPad Hire and Tablet Rentals for Trade Shows
  • IPad Rental and Laptop or Tablet Hire for Training Days
  • IPad Hire and IPhone Rentals for Team Building Activities
  • IPad Hire, Laptop Rentals and Smartphone Hire for Board Directors Meetings

What People are Saying

My company was holding a relatively big board and director’s meeting and we were still confused where to get iPads, Laptops and their relevant accessories from for our event. While browsing for answers on the internet, we came upon To our surprise, these guys offered us much lower prices for the same iPad models that others were offering higher prices. They even reached out and gave us the option for on-site installation. I and my management team simply couldn’t be happier with this new finding. We booked the required iPads and Laptops and found them ready for use at our selected site. They took their devices back right after we were done witem.                                                                  

John Anderson

Surprisingly enough, The Tekk Group got recommended to us by a competitor. We were organizing a large product launch event at our own venue and decided to get iPads and some other devices for hire from Not only did we find their devices to be in great new condition but they were also updated with the latest software versions as well. Their installation team also helped us setup a large LED wall with a social media sharing desk with iPads and Laptops as well. Overall, we were satisfied with their service and would highly recommend The Tekk Group for any business events that need to save money and get rental devices rather than pay their full amounts.

Selina Roy

Just at the start of this month, we had planned a shareholder meeting for our business. This high profile event required technology devices for figures sharing. We went with and placed our order of the required iPads and Laptops. These guys not only delivered to our venue but also installed all the laptops exactly how we wanted. We ended up paying a small rental fee instead of the full costs of these expensive devices. We would strongly recommend The Tekk Group to any business in the US looking for a cost saving venue transformation.cing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


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